appel d'offre





                Société Nouvelle de Transport Kerkennah (SONOTRAK) website: invites best firm outright offers for the purchase of Catamaran passenger ferry having the following main outline specifications:

  • Type :  Catamaran Passenger ferry (No vehicles)
  • To be fitted with all necessary air-conditioned accommodations /recreation lounges for crew and separate lounge for passengers and preferably fitted with a sick bay.
  • Age : available new construction  or an existing trading vessel with her age not exceeding 5 years old on the date of delivery
  • LOA: Maximum 40 Meters.
  • Passengers capacity: Minimum 140.
  • Draft : Maximum 1,6 Meters.
  • Classed : By a classification Society IACS member
  • Vessel must be fitted with propulsion system with well-known makers
  • The ship can operate in difficult meteorological conditions with wind force up to 9 beaufort.
  • Speed : Minimum guaranteed service speed of 24 knots.
  • Vessel must have on board on delivery all the required trading / due certificates for costal navigation - all drawings of the vessel – instructions manuals – spare parts manuals  etc.
  • Vessel must have on board necessary spare parts mainly for the propulsion systems and auxiliary engines to fulfill maintenance as per the requirements of all makers of equipments on board for at least 6 months from the date of delivery.
  • Full set of vessel’s certificates must be complete, valid and clean of recommendations.
  • Vessel must comply with the latest applicable international regulations and maintain compliance with further IMO and OIT amendments applicable on the date of delivery.
  • Vessel must be free of any encumbrances and /or mortgages or liens and /or arrest and to be delivered to SONOTRAK charter free in all respects ready to operate immediately in SONOTRAK service/ traffic.
  • Delivery place : to be agreed
  •  Delivery period : at the beginning of June ( please advice the earliest date of delivery) ,
  • Offer price must include the dry dock inspection and sea trials and annual / special survey if due.
  • Terms/ conditions based on amended SALES FORM 1993.
  • Offers must include Vessel’s trading area / itinerary / line and the place / date of inspection   (dry dock and sea trials) / general arrangement plan / photos.

            When offering, please advice owners / managers full style / place of business and contact details (phone numbers, fax number and e-mail) enclosed with vessel’s full description / plans and drawings of all spaces.

Detailed offers must be communicated to SONOTRAK by e-mail:  latest on 15th February 2019 at 14:00 Tunisian Time (GMT +1)   Offers received elsewhere will not be considered.

            The offer presented must be valid for a minimal 2 months.

            SONOTRAK may not give furtherance to all and / or any offer and may consider any offer at their sole discretion without justifying their decision.

            This is just a preliminary enquiry. Nothing in this communication intend to appoint or retain any recipient of this communication, as agent or other representative for SONOTRAK.

            In the first instance, it is assumed that all such recipients are already retained by others.

            Before any commission entitlement can arise. (1) a specific appointment in writing with suitable terms and conditions ( to be discussed and agreed ) must be made by SONOTRAK and (2) the facts and events giving rise to commission in such written appointment must have clearly occurred to the direct benefit of SONOTRAK .


            Best Regards